PixelStatix is a research experiment in true generative NFT rarity and value. Most collections of generative NFTs have a creator that manufactures the rarity. After some thought, we decided that the only type of collection that could truly be generated randomly would be pixel static. Only 500 PixelStatix NFTs will ever be produced in this collection. Our team consists of a Ph.D. and computer scientist whose aim is to study the unique demand and supply dynamics of the NFT market. We will be writing and selling, as an NFT, a research paper, which will be a study of how the rarity of PixelStatix is perceived and valued by the NFT marketplace.

If you would like to contribute to this research please purchase one of our NFTs. We also welcome any thoughts you have on this topic; we will incorporate your opinions into the research we produce. This is a one-time opportunity to support this research and purchase a pure one-of-a-kind AI creation.


May 2nd: The first 101 have been minted and are available for sale at .01 ETH

Weekly batches of remaining 399 will continue to be released based on popularity of the project.